Airzone Trampoline Reviews – AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure

Airzone Trampoline Reviews : One of the most efficient types of leisure sports activity for your kids could be with a trampoline. It is also good for kids who have special needs. With their dynamic nature, it is a good way to release their energy with an activity that will help them divert their attention and energy with a trampoline. If you want it to be a secured type of trampoline, a good one is the Airzone trampoline.

Is an Airzone Trampoline Safe? Is this trampoline considered to be safe for your children? How safe could it be?

Let us take a closer look about trampolines with the help of our Airzone trampoline reviews. This is a guide and review to get to know the good side and drawbacks with Airzone trampoline.

Airzone Trampoline Reviews

Airzone Trampoline Reviews

AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure Overview and Features

Airzone Trampoline is one of the best trampolines that ensure safety most especially for kids. This 55-inch Airzone trampoline has safety features such as its full enclosure and padding that will help you assure that there will be no risks as you let your kids play on it.

Steel Frame: This 55-inch Airzone trampoline has a steel frame to ensure its durability. Trampolines are very much abused when it is played with. So, the steel frames are designed to keep it durable despite the kind of activity that it will be used for. You will not even worry that it would collapse upon the use of your children.

Rod Enclosure and Protective Padding: Some risks might happen with trampolines. There are some instances in which your kid’s head or body might accidentally hit the steel rods. However, Airzone’s trampoline is designed with steel rods that completely are enclosed with a thick padding so that accidents which may affect the head or body of your children will be avoided.

Net Barrier: Another risk with a trampoline is the vulnerability of getting thrown out from the perimeter or falling because of the nature of a trampoline. But what is nice about the Airzone trampoline is the added features such as the remaining barriers which can help keep your kids to be inside the trampoline perimeter. With this feature, you will not worry about your kids getting thrown out of the perimeter of the trampoline if your kid jumps so hard. Airzone Trampoline has also conducted some tests in independent labs to completely make sure that it will be far from risks and danger for kids.

Weight Capacity: The 55-inch Airzone trampoline has at least a 60-pound capacity.

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Airzone Trampoline Product Specifications

  • Has a diameter of 55 inches
  • Has a capacity of 60 pounds
  • Made up of a steel frame to ensure durability
  • Has an enclosure system to assure safety
  • Rod enclosures have paddings and a band cover
  • It has a zipper which allows access to the entry panel


This 55-inch Airzone trampoline has been well designed. It is not just designed to have a good look and quality but most of all, it has been designed to give safety despite how adventurous playing with trampoline can be.

For parents who need help in redirecting their kid’s energy, the Airzone trampoline is a good way to make use of their energy into something productive in a way that they can be happy as they play and at the same time a good way for them to have a good physical activity.

With its specifications, the design is built to have an assurance that it would be completely safe for young kids who are quite hyper enough to play with this kind of risky thing to play with.


There might just be some drawbacks about the Airzone trampoline. As time passes by, its durability may decrease. On the other hand, the zipper for its entrance is of low quality which makes it get easily damaged. Therefore, there is still a little risk of danger with this factor.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Kids are very active because of their adventurous characteristics at a young age. Trampolines are one of the best things that you can give to them to redirect their active energy into something good and at the same time safe and secured.If you want to give them a trampoline, Airzone trampoline is a good one. It is made with an intention to keep your kids safe. Moreover, it is a trampoline that is especially for your kids to enjoy without holding back.

Its safety features are beneficial to ensure that it will not cause harm and danger to kids who are very active in playing with it. Furthermore, it has a lot of featured designs that will not let you worry even with the risks in a nature of a trampoline. With this Airzone trampoline reviews, hopefully, it will help you be enlightened about the beneficial features and some drawbacks of the 66-inch Airzone trampoline.

Airzone Trampoline Reviews

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