Best Trampoline For Kids: Buying Guide

Best trampoline for kids; are you looking to buy one for your little champ? Then you’re in the right place. There are various things you need to look for if you’re looking to buy the best kids trampoline.

Trampolines can create fun, at the same time it can be dangerous if not chosen properly. When it comes to our kids, we cannot take the risk. We need to do proper research and cover all the ins and outs to buy the best kids trampoline, where they can play freely and safely.

Well, when I say, you should do proper research, I mean it. A proper research takes a lot of time. That is where we can help you. Our experts know everything about trampolines. And we get deep into each part of trampolines and make sure you buy the best trampoline for kids available in the market.

The Fact

Nobody can deny that trampolines are the best source of outdoor entertainment. They are a picture-perfect alternative when you want to bring your kids outside so that they do not remain stuck in their digital world. The advent of internet and social media has restricted the growing kids in a very small world which is keeping them away from real life fun. Being a parent you must have grown up in times when there were no internet and kids used to play out most of the time. Trampolines must have been your most cherished fantasy and favorite sport. Therefore, if you want your kids to enjoy the same outdoor fun, nothing else can be more appealing than a great trampoline.

But buying a trampoline and presenting it to your kids is not easy. The markets are chock-full with hundreds of trampolines in different makes and models. Not all these trampolines are built according to the standard measures required for making an outstanding trampoline. Some of the trampolines seem winning in some aspects while others are more practicable in some other aspects. Therefore, before you buy a trampoline you must clearly understand that there is a lot more that goes into the making of a flawless trampoline.

It is of utmost importance to make sure that you buy the best trampoline that features the highest quality construction and takes care of all the safety measures. But we know that it is not easy for you to comprehend all such intricacies and pick the best among innumerable options in designs and built quality. Thus, we have gone above and beyond to prepare this buying guide for trampoline to help you choose the perfect trampoline. In this guide, we have rounded up all the significant characters of a trampoline that must be well-thought-out before you buy one for yourself.

What to look for when buying a best kids trampoline?

The following are some of the major things to consider when you buy a kids trampoline:

Size of the Trampoline

Trampoline are available in various size options from small to medium and big to bigger. Even when the size of trampoline is influenced by the space of accommodation vacant at your home, it plays a significant role in determining the bounce factor. Small trampolines (Also called as mini trampoline) have more bounce to offer whereas large trampolines are good for more jumping area. So, may be you have a big garden or backyard to accommodate a huge trampoline but you have only one or two children which will prompt you to buy a small trampoline. Now talking about the big family or when adults are also likely to go jumping with their kids, it is recommended to buy a big trampoline with enough weight capacity.

However, the jumping of multiple participants is neither recommended by us nor the manufacturers themselves, but if you do so, you probably need a bigger trampoline. Thus, the size of a trampoline is one of the most crucial traits to pre-consider which depends on the availability of accommodation at your place and the number of jumpers.

The shape of the Trampoline

It depends solely on personal preference to pick any shape in trampoline from among all the unique shapes available. There are a round, octagonal, rectangular, round and square trampolines to pick from.

Round trampolines are the most common for home use and are used widely. Most of the coiled-springs are integrated into the center for providing bouncy central area. This also ensures that jumpers always stay near the center while they are jumping. These trampolines are more affordable and light-weighted as when compared to other shapes of trampolines.

Rectangular trampolines are fairly big with a large jumping surface and high bounce. These trampolines are more popular for gymnastics and other athletic competitions because they feature bounce over their entire area. And because, these trampolines are big, they are heavier and quite expensive to buy.

The oval and octagonal trampolines can be more generally referred to as hybrid trampolines. When you compare these trampolines with round ones, you will find that these are bigger in size with an increased jumping area. Although they are not very widespread, few models are available in them to go for.

Square trampolines are more like rectangular trampolines. It’s just that they are comparatively smaller and light in weight. Their bounce is a firm which allows a less jumping height. Square trampolines have grown equally popular to round trampolines when their use to kids is considered.

Therefore, if you are buying a trampoline for your kids, round trampolines and square trampolines should be your priority.

Kids Trampoline Safety

Safety is always top-priority for any parent. No one would want that in an attempt to jump on a trampoline; their children come plunging back. From where we began with spring trampolines without any safety enclosure to now times have changed. Safety has become the prime concern for both the user and manufacture. Spring-less and spring-free trampolines are also becoming popular. High-quality net enclosures and different kinds of pads are being used to make sure that the jumpers stay protected and do not fall victim of an unwanted accident.

Therefore, the safest trampoline for your kid will be the one that has a well-made enclosure for preventing any accidental fall. These enclosures should be fabricated from high-grade materials and should have a good height to accommodate even tall jumpers.

Spring VS Non-Spring Trampolines

Springfree trampolines are the latest attempt to provide enhanced safety while jumping. These trampolines are actually a boon to anyone who has faced a fall before when they came plunging back because of the bouncy springs. Even a spring-free trampoline is not an assurance of complete safety, it effectively eliminates the possibility of falling due to springs. The trampolines that are constructed without using springs are more expensive but when you compare them with the requirement of conventional trampoline to change mat and springs, you will find them lucrative.


This is a new concept where safety pads are used to cover the coiled-springs. These pads are generally made from Velcro and are tied to the steel frame. They are extremely useful because they offer protection against springs and hard steel frame of the trampoline. But pads should not be considered an ultimate safety solution because they are more likely to show wear and tear due to weather elements and we cannot rely merely on this flimsy safety product. Keep in mind, to ensure all the other safety standards as well while purchasing a trampoline. In fact, some of the kids trampoline do not even feature these protective pads because they eradicate their use by keeping the jumping surface above the spring system and the frame.

Net and Net Poles

All the best trampoline for kids nowadays come with net and net poles. This is the best way for ensuring high-end safety of your kids. But one thing that you should make sure is to see the net is made from high-quality material. And the net poles should also be well-padded to avoid any injury while landing. A poor quality net will not last long and would be torn and sagging in a relatively short period of time. Therefore, some manufacturers have also initiated using UV-resistant material in the making of these net enclosures which make them more durable. So, when you buy a trampoline, make sure that it has properly knitted and high-quality net with flexible style poles. These poles should move seamlessly with the enclosure to prevent any accident.

Trampoline Frame

The frame is the foundation of any trampoline which determines its overall built quality. The frame should be sturdily-built and must be heavy-duty to easily take even the hardest of jumpers without showing any deterioration. The stabilizing legs should be hard-wearing and must be amalgamated robustly. You must also look for a trampoline frame sits below the jumping surface to circumvent any possibility of injury to your kid due to the hard steel frame.

Now when all your queries are being answered, we hope you buy the best trampoline for kids and let your little champ have fun with it. Their safety is your most vital concern, and therefore we have attempted to compile everything you need to know for buying the safest and best trampoline for kids. See our best pick below.

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